Non-budget accommodation

The LSHTM is in the Bloomsbury area of London, where there is a very high concentration of hotels. Here are some suggestions at a range of prices, all within a 10 minute walk of the School:

  1. The Morton Hotel (approx. £165 per night)
  2. Hotel Russell (approx. £148 per night)
  3. The Tavistock Hotel (approx. £83 per night)
  4. The Ridgemount Hotel (approx. £73 per night for ensuite single; £57 for single room with shared bathroom)

Budget accommodation

Hotels in central London are inevitably very expensive. For this reason, we suggest that those looking for less expensive accommodation explore one of three options:

  1. Travelodge outside central London
  2. airbnb
  3. Hostels

For example, at the time of posting this (22 Nov 15), the Travelodges in Walthamstow, Southgate, Stratford and Bethnal Green all have ensuite rooms available for around £40 per night over the dates of the meeting. Although none of these is in central London, each lies on a relatively easy (single tube line) journey to the LSHTM.

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